Research Lines

This project reflects the consortium’s mid-to-long term vision for the future challenges of Human Sensing and Health data Analytics, focusing on articulating low-TRL R&D scientific coordinated work from 5 Research Lines (RL).

This figure illustrates the rationale behind the proposed Research Lines (RL) and their articulation within the project.

The emergent clinical scenarios that are envisioned in this project will give rise to large amounts of data coming from different sources, including micro and nano human sensing (RL1), clinical data from population based interventions (RL2), and diverse devices being increasingly used for medical imaging and biomedical signal monitoring (RL5). Our information will go to the cloud (RL3) – a link that companies are already facilitating – where analytics software will let specialists study your body, and what treatments are likely to work on it. The analysis of the patient specific risk and doctors’ recommendations will be backed by analysis of countless other people’s bodies and treatments (RL4) and by the information collected from the patient itself (RL5).