In RL4, we will methodologically design and validate health data analysis and decision methods to support future big-data based medical information tools. This will feed from data acquired directly from human sensing approaches (RL1), collected from clinical records, administrative data bases or research studies (RL2), and even curated in a distributed health data management systems (RL3). In RL4 we will focus to integrate population-level knowledge to provide evidence based information. The results of RL4 will be stored back in the big EHR of RL3.

This research line is organised in five work packages:

  • WP4.1 Metrics for health data processing and analysis
  • WP4.2 Learning and mining big health data
  • WP4.3 Methods for health research and decision
  • WP4.4 Disease modelling
  • WP4.5 Future clinical applications


Although several different milestones are defined for each work package, this research line includes major milestones to assess the internal progress and interaction with the research lines.

  • RL4 meets RL3 (M12): Identification of potential joint proof-ofconcept data gathering, analysis and curation scenarios, and the¬†corresponding health data infrastructure requirements for both research and improved decision.
  • RL5 meets RL4 (M12): Identification of potential joint proof of concept scenarios and corresponding requirements.
  • HDAD Workshop I (M12): Research line meeting to boost interactions among work packages, seek research connections, both in and outside project’s research lines, and perform and appraisal of the relevance of current research foci.
  • HDAD Workshop II (M24): Research line meeting to present new metrics for health data analysis WP 4.1), new models for natural language processing and meta-learning for health knowledge discovery (WP 4.2), new methods for health research and actionable decisions (WP 4.3), new models of impacting diseases (WP 4.4), and prospective applications in clinical settings (WP 4.5).
  • HDAD Workshop III (M36): Research line closing meeting to present ¬†global deliverables and discuss future.


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